Ageing and Shingles

Updated on 15th April 2021 at 10:29 am


Some changes to your body are common when you get older. What changes can you expect, and how can you minimise the impact? It’s not just physical changes. You may find that you need to reassess other areas of your life. You might want to give some thought to how you’d like your life to look as you get older. It’s worth thinking about how much support you might need and whether you’d need to make changes to your living arrangements before it becomes an urgent need.

Some conditions can be particularly uncomfortable if you are older, and shingles is one of them. If you’re aged between 70 and 79, you’re eligible for a shingles vaccination. If you have previously been told that you’re eligible but didn’t take up the offer, you can still have the vaccine before your 80th birthday. Shingles can be very unpleasant for several weeks, and it’s much better if you can avoid it altogether.